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For expatriates

Because all the expatriates are not assisted by their company in their expatriation, Abitio created trainings and support which answer the questioning with which are confronted all the expatriates. From the negotiation of the contract to employment abroad to the preparation of its integration, Abitio helps you in every stage to give you the keys of the success for your expatriation.

 Prepare your departure

Expatriation may be single, couple or family. Everyone’s needs are different, we respond in individual or group training through different topics:

  • Discovery expatriate’s life
  • How to manage in a foreign country (specific training for each country)
  • Prepare your expatriation, even in an European country!
  • Preparation of the expat spouse
  • Negotiate your expatriation contract of employment
  • Optimize your social situation (Social Security, complementary, pension, etc.)
  • Exchange with former expatriates

We organize meetings with expatriates, specialists in international mobility and in intercultural management. These meetings have for objective to share with you the everyday life of an expatriate and to allow you to make of your integration a success.

Demand of information or estimate

Those trainings are made in groups or individually. They allow to benefit from the experience of the trainers, to ask the questions bound to the expatriation and on the return to expatriation or to exchange on themes appropriate to the needs of each. They are also an opportunity to build expatriates’ network and to organize its departure abroad.

Meet your needs after your departure

We also bring you our knowledge after your departure to answer the questioning with which you will be confronted on the spot. Do not hesitate to share with us all your questions here.

Help to the expatriates

Abitio helps expatriates after their departure in order to assure them a link with their country and an assistance if necessary. We remain at your disposal to advise, represent you and train you after your departure abroad.

Favored representative for our customers, we assure them a permanent link with their country of origin. Our diverse fields of intervention are adapted to every situation to meet your needs since the foreigner:

  • Renewal of identity papers
  • French accounting and administrative management
  • Organization of repatriation
  • Intercultural training and language courses

Our objective is to be at your disposal to facilitate the everyday life.