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Exmployees – How to prepare your departure abroad ?

A departure abroad is always an adventure and imposes the unknown. Professionals can assist you and all the members of your family in :

  • administrative paperwork
  • searching for accommodation, schools
  • meeting new people
  • daily life
  • learning a new language, or cultural habits of the host country, etc..

Moving abroad requires good organisation. You can contact international mobility experts who will provide you with a list explaining all the different administrative and health steps to follow before your departure.

You can also be assisted whilst organising your move, particularly when looking for your future house.

Relocation professionals – such as Abitio – include on the spot experts who can assist you in finding:

  • the nicest places to live according to your needs
  • the places to avoid (bad hospitals, schools, supermarkets, etc…)
  • the ways to behave in your host country etc…

Do not forget to initiate yourself to the culture and language in order to make your intergration easier and to make your life there more rewarding.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to receive the list explaining all the steps to follow when moving abroad and for more information about this.

Companies – How to prepare the departure abroad of your employees?

Preparing the departure abroad of your employees requires following several steps that must not be neglected, in order to maximize the company’s chances of integrating well and successfully. Abitio offers a large range of services adepted to your needs:

  • we prepare their intergration in their new country
  • we put you in touch with local professionals
  • we take care of all administrative, immigration, social and fiscal aspects
  • we advise and help you in choosing your “social scheme
  • we establish contacts with the social and local organisations
  • we manage the salaries and pay slips of the expatriates
  • we define a pay scale policy that is adapted to the host country

Abitio offers to organize and manage the expatriation of its clients’ employees (executives, high flyers or VWA) and to outsource the human resources international mobility function in order to better manage the expenses related to expatriation.

How to prepare a VWA (Volontuary Work Abroad) ?

The VWA is an economical way to develop new markets. It is however necessary to install a specific structure in order to maximize the VWA’s chances of success.

Helping the VWA in the middle-east

It isn’t easy for new VWA contracts to settle into a new country. To guarantee success in your project, offer your VWA an on-the-spot support, in order that he or she may benefit from a professional network who masters the local codes and conducts.

Remember to help them in their personal steps to maximize their chances of intergrating and succeeding in your implantation.

Abitio can assist you in helping your VWA. With a large network of professionals and local individuals in the middle-east, our knowledge is at your disposal.

Saving money

The VWA contract benefits from financial gouvernmental aid and from COFACE in the promotion of internationalisation of French companies.

Which tax level for expatriates ?

The term « expatriate » is used in a generic way to determine the individuals going to live and work abroad. It is important to understand that this term regroups two categories:

  • The detached: You work for a French company and your work contract remains French. You pay social security schemes and continue to pay your taxes in you home country.
  • The expatriates: You pay your taxes in the country that you live in.

Do not forget that you are required to inform your tax office about your departure and written proof will be demanded in order to justify your expatriation. Moreover, during your first year abroad, you will have to fill in a declaration addressed to your previous home country tax office.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about your social or fiscal scheme. We can help you upgrade your trimestres spent abroad.

Which social security scheme for French expatriates ?

The term « expatriate » is used in a generic way to determine the individuals going to live and work abroad. It is important to understand that this term regroups two categories :

  • The detached : You work for a French company and your work contract remains French. You pay into the French social security schemes and continue to pay your taxes in France.
  • The expatriates : You pay into social scemes in the country in which you live. You can also complement your social security insurance scheme by joining the CFE (French savings bank abroad) and befenit from a social security insurance scheme identical to that of people living in France.

Companies – Which advantages for a subsidiary abroad ?

The creation of a subsidiary abroad is necessary in some internationalisation strategies. Indispensable in our economy, it offers several advantages :

  • a better knowledge of the market’s expectations
  • a better legitimacy of the consumers and national partners so permitting quicker reactivity and adaptability
  • a European mother-daughter regime of tax exemption (elimination of double taxation of dividends)
  • simplification and bigger profitability of the international organisation (be it administrative, financial, logistic and commercial)

It is compulsory in some countries, to open a subsidiary in order to practice a commercial activity or provision of service.

It is important to note also that opening a subsidiary abroad requires an investment from the start and imposes supplementary restrictions inherent to local legislation (accountancy, tax authorities, commercial rights, work rights, etc…).

Companies – Which steps to follow when sending an employee abroad?

Sending an employee abroad requires as much personalised support as it does a company reorganisation, in order to conform with social, adminsitrative, and organisatory requirements of expatriation :

  • determine the cost of expatriating an employee (calculating an expatriate’s salary, inssurance, fringe benefits, social security, etc…)
  • convincing the employee and his family to move abroad thanks to an adapted help and relocation service
  • planning intercultural training, in order to make intergration easier and expatriation successful
  • see to anything administrative inherent to expatriation (work permits, family visas, enrolement with the embassy, enrolement with the local authorities, etc…)
  • adapt administrative services to manage expatriates (organise their international mobility, adapt the pay service, administration of public relations with social organisations, manage the expatriates’ problems, etc…)
  • set up previsional management of jobs and skills
  • redefine the company structure

Abitio can help you with all or merely a few of these when sending an employee abroad. Do not hesitate to ask for an appointment with Myriame Honnay in order to determine the necessary steps for your company.

How to maximize one’s tax level abroad ?

The European company tax level can offer some benefits. Adapted solutions to each and everyone’s needs can be found, especially thanks to the europeen “mother-daughter” company tax level, or by the creation of a holding.

Abitio can help you in association with a banking attorney to find solutions adapted to your needs.