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Determining an international HR policy

Determining a HR policy of expatriation is a beneficial step to your service, to structure and facilitate the management of your expatriates. Thus, the definition of rules and the use of appropriate tools are essential, which result in financial and time gains.

Establishment of a procedure for HR policy in international mobility: structuring the HR department to meet expatriates’ needs, implementation of procedures to manage the expatriation of your employees, determination of the expatriation and remuneration policy. We assist you in organizing your HR service and procedures establishment.

Advisory and support: identification of your legal obligations as an employer and implementation of inherent procedures to secure expatriations. We provide you the documentation required to inform your employees, and assist you in the daily management of your expatriates.

Compensation & Benefits: determining the work status of your employee living abroad, analysis of living standards and the specific needs in the country, establishment of pay slips (payroll). We assist you in determining the level of remuneration and assess the personnality of your employee who is willing to settle abroad.

Selection process of future expatriates: motivation tests adapted to expatriates, meeting with the family and analysis of their life projects. To avoid failure of expatriation associated with additional costs for your company, we ensure the ability of the expatriation of the selected candidates and their family.

Training and prepare your employees to the issue of expatriation: intercultural management preparation (corporate culture abroad), explanation of the issues and constraints of expatriation, intercultural training. By designing tailor-made trainings for your company, our experts will taught your collaborators practical tools to apply in their daily life. Those courses prepare your employees for the challenges of expatriation.

Preparation of return or a transfer between foreign countries: reintegration of your employee within the holding company, changing his employment contract between two foreign countries, determining his new salary. Our team will assist you in changing your personal job situation and help you manage a transfer between two foreign countries.


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