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French payroll

You are a foreign employer without establishment in France, looking for a local assistance to manage your payroll in France and comply with French law requirements.

Abitio is use to takes care, for foreign companies without establishment in France, of all the missions related to the hiring and the management of your employees in France:

  1. Registration of the company to French administrations
  2. Payroll
  3. Setting French social law requirements


Registration of the company to French administrations

We manage the registration of your company as well as all the French legal devices:

Company registration number procurement

As a foreign employer without establishment in France having to employ one or more employees in France, you must register your company to the CNFE (Centre National des Firmes Etrangères) in order to inform the various administrations of your arrival in France. At the end of this registration (form E0), a registration number (SIRET number) will be issued by INSEE.

Registration to others organisations

You also have the obligation to register the company with a complementary pension fund, a mutual insurance company, to open a staff register and to comply with other legal obligations depending of the number of employees working in France.



We ensure for you all the inscriptions and declarations when hiring your French staff.

Hiring prior declaration (DPAE)

After collecting all the data relating to the employee (employment contract, ID, social security number, welcome pack, etc.) we carry out the DPAE.

This mandatory formality before any hiring is carried out in one go with a single interlocutor and makes it possible to communicate all the necessary information of your employee to all the social administrations.

Other registrations

We carry out for you the registrations that may be mandatory according to the collective agreement and the applicable law:

  • Supplementary pension
  • Preventative Healthcare
  • Mutual Fund
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Declaration of detachment
  • Obtaining a social registration number for foreigners

Thus, your employee will contribute to all French social security funds and will be protected against:

  • The risks of illness, maternity, disability, death
  • Old age risk including supplementary pensions
  • The expenses of the family
  • The risks of accident at work and occupational disease
  • The risk of unemployment

Employment contract

We can assist you and/or write your employment contract and accompany you if necessary, in the development of the French employment contract to ensure compliance with French labor law.

We calculate the net salary wage and simulate the employer and salary social costs.

For your information: The French minimum wage is determined each year and posted on the government website: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2300.


  • Monthly collection of payroll details (leave, absences, illness, bonus, etc.)
  • Payslips
  • Sending payslips in pdf format
  • Payslips validation by you
  • Transmission of amounts to be paid (transfer file, list of accounts payable, social contributions payable, etc.)
  • Remote transmission to social organizations (DSN)

End of contract

  • Final payslip and mandatory documents

Social declarations

Monthly, quarterly and annually, we report to all social organisations the data relating to employees hired on French territory.

Sickness and wok accident

We take care of sickness and work accident declaration for your employee to the social organisations and follow the file to guarantee the refund of not worked days.


Setting French social norms

We can, when the size of your company requires it, assist you in bringing your company to the French social standards (internal rules document, harsh working conditions, document of risks assessment, setting up staff representatives, union force …)

For any legal information relating to labor law or to obtain a simulation of the cost of social charges of your future employee in France, do not hesitate to contact our Associate in charge Myriame Honnay – mhonnay@abitio.fr – +33(0)3 67 29 01 60.