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Abitio will be part of the European delegation in Burma


From 8 to 17 November, Myriame Honnay will be in Burma to develop international partnerships and international opportunities.

Since the passage of the law on the liberalization of the economy in November 2012, Burma raises strong interests not only in the Burmese, but also among the countries that participated in the boycott and are careful not to leave the field only to Asian competitors.

The country is considered one of the most prosperous of the South East Asia region. It has many natural resources, among which we will retain its forest resources, precious stones, rare metals, its oil and gas. Burma is a country under construction and wants to build the necessary infrastructure (phone network, banking system, road network, tourism infrastructures, etc..).

The Vice-President of the European Commission, Antonio Tajani, offers a great opportunity for European entrepreneurs to discover this country and to establish lasting relationships with local actors.

Following this travel, Abitio will organize a presentation of the development opportunities offered by Burma to French and European companies. This networking event will be in partnership with the NEOMA “International Club”  (merging of Reims and Rouen Business Schools).

More information to come on our website